Games are one of the more ancient and universal expressions of human being and its creativity, culture, activity and evolution throughout history.


Games can be defined as structured, organized activities involving physical or mental stimulation (or both) with rules, challenge, interaction and goals carried out for enjoyment or educational purposes, and distinct from remunerated work or art. A definition subject to certain exceptions derived from diverse examples of games with a strong professional and economic aspect (such as chess or cards), and games with a clear artistic slant, such as video games.

Games are often characterized by their components and tools required to play, such as cards, boards and pieces, balls, computers and miniatures or tokens representing other things or characters; and a series of roles that determine the responsibilities and rights of the players.

All these aspects determine the need for physical or mental skills, strategy and luck, or a certain combination of them, to succeed as a player, which leads to a logical classification of games into different categories: skill games, chance games, strategy games, etc. However, most games contain two or more of these elements or characteristics.

To conclude our definition of games, we must understand that, obviously, games are to be played. Therefore, games required, at least, a unique player, in a battle against her/his personal skills, time, chance or an artificial or fictitious oponent; or, most commonly, two or multiple players competing each other to reach the gamesís goal.

MCT - Meb Johnsons Jatto, we dedicate time and efforts to design and product innovative games for both children and adults, in a continuous exploration of ideas, forms and structures within what have played an intrinsic role in human evolution, history and culture:


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