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MCT - Meb Johnsons Jatto is not a classic toyshop, but a business model within the toy industry.

We strive to develop advanced toy designs and new ideas specially aimed to maximize mental, affective and general condition and health of children, adolescents and adults of all ages, by bringing out new products able to satisfy the primary purpose of toys, which we know is to enhance thinking, creativity and decision-making capacities by the selecting the right models to draw interest and attention, while providing play and enjoyment.

Play is a very important factor in children’s development, and we are therefore conscious of our responsibility toward creating toys that help them to know the world around them, stimulating their first interaction with real objects, and strengthening and developing their self-esteem while encouraging social engagement with others.

In the same way, toys can be perfectly applicable to therapy sessions to improve the quality of life of patients (children and grownups) with disabilities or suffering from certain degenerative nervous disorders, unable to communicate because of stroke, neurological disorder or dysfunction, or sensorial difficulties or language barriers, by stimulating concrete areas of their bodies and nervous systems, reinforcing necessary skills, and helping them meet their therapeutic goals.

By browsing our game and toy catalog, our visitors and customers will be able to view our innovative products, developed by applying concepts and techniques borrow from yesterday’s craftsmen and today’s latest technology, which should be the goal of every toy manufacturer to compete in the global market.

Should you require any assistance to buy in our toyshop, we rely on a professional multilingual customer service team ready to answer any of your inquiries.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our toyshop, and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have to help us improve our products and service.

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