Toys are objects or things used to play, as their first specific purpose, or produced to serve other ends but used to play with.


Toys are very important for children and young as tools used for educational and training purposes that help discover their bodies and identity, stimulate emotions, creativity, and intuition and imagination, as well other primary skills essential to develop as individuals in the context of social relationships existing in the community.

Nevertheless, and although toys are usually associated with childrenís and petís play activities, there are frequent examples of play behaviour involving toys in adults, as a way to remember or retrain lessons and skills learned in their youth, strengthen social relationships, exercise their minds and bodies, or simply for entertainment purposes.

The earliest toys, discovered in archaeological excavations in the sites of ancient civilizations, were made from simple materials found in natural surroundings, such as stones and pebbles, clay, sticks and animal parts (bones, feathers, etc.), and represent the starting point in a long journey where animals, rattles, dolls, tops, swings and hoops have been around for centuries, and along a nonstop process of exploration and evolution of materials, shapes, textures and ideas to the toy industry nowadays.

Toys have been present in most cultures throughout history, reflecting customs, styles and manners, and the successive periods and their changing cultural, historical and social impulses.

Since it couldn't be any other way, the omnipresence of toys throughout history has meant a growing influence of activities related to their design, production and commercialization on general economic processes, reflected on a continuated evolution towards the modern the modern worldwide toy sector, with a diversity of developers and manufacturers struggling to adapt their products a constantly evolving and changing demand.

In MCT - Meb Johnsons Jatto, we believe in innovation and creativity as essential factors when facing the demand for more sophisticated designs and technologies offering fun and exciting options.

We strive in designing and creating new toys, and accept any suggestion and idea that help us improve our activity and projects.

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